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Μετατρέψετε IncrediMail στο Outlook

May 8th, 2012

Great that there is a lot of people who makes the World better. Software developers are working hard to make the better software and applications and allow people to make the job effectively. Free and commercial products at market are differ, some of them have lot of options and settings. Some of them are very easy and affordable so can be used by wide range of people even not so technical safe.

Today I found something better than just a tool. The software called IncrediMail to Outlook Converter from is helped me so. This software is really developed by those who want to make this World better. With that tool you may not only convert Incredimail to Outlook but also extract Incredimail emails and save them as .EML files. The .eml format is widely used by many email client applications over the world so those .eml files can be imported to another software such as Live Mail, Mac Mail at Apple OSX, Outlook, Entourage, Outlook Express and others.

I tried several tools at market and found that a lot of them manufactured by PC**RE company (their site have .com domain) which makes clones of their software every day and spam the search engines with their sites. So it was not so easy to find the proper incredimail to outlook converter.

But I found it! Really great tool which works as advertised. It starts working just after launching. Incredimail to Outlook Converter has found my IncrediMail setup automatically, then I selected my .IMM files and start the import. All my files were imported to Outlook in accordance with folders names to which they corresponded.

The tool is capable to convert incredimail to outlook, import emails in accordance with folder names, extract incredimail emails and save them to .eml files. The setup file installs two executables of that tool: one for 32-bit Outlook and second for 64-bit Outlook. But software can be used without Outlook also.

Tool that converts IncrediMail emails to Outlook including attachments

How to perform the IncrediMail to Outlook Conversion:

  1. Run the tool
  2. If you have the IncrediMail installed, it will find all necessary data automatically including the folder where Incredimail stores Attachments.
  3. All you have now it is press Select All button or select several of available .IMM files
  4. When always ready, you may configure where the tool will import emails:
    a) into Inbox folder inside MS Outlook
    b) inside the root structure of MS Outlook user profile
  5. Now you have to press the appropriate button:
    a) To save data to .eml files
    b) Or import IncrediMail emails to Outlook

Now you may check the result. All your IncrediMail emails were imported to Outlook. If you plan to convert your Incredimail emails to outlook or want to export emails from Incredimail storage IncrediMail to Outlook Converter is what you need. You may download the free demo (restricted) version of converter right now from manufacturers site and try how it works. Today the tool is offered with ultimate 30% discount so you may get advantages of Incredimail to Outlook converter like me.

How to import EMLX files into Outlook PST

June 3rd, 2011

Outlook Import Wizard–new version, new performance and new features.

May 8th, 2011

As more and more home and corporate users opt for Microsoft Outlook as their primary email and time management tool, the problem of transferring data from other email clients becomes a reality for an increasing number of people. Migrations involving thousands of emails in different encodings cannot be performed manually and require fast, efficient and easy to use tools that can help an average user successfully complete these tasks. Outlook Import Wizard is an all-in-one solution for transferring email archives in EML and MSG formats into Outlook’s native PST format. The recent release of the program adds plenty of useful features and offers increased performance and improved support of non-standard encodings.

Markham, ON, Canada— May 08, 2011: OutlookImport.Com gladly announces the release of a new version of Οδηγός εισαγωγής του Outlook, its popular email conversion and migration tool that enables users to easily convert thousands of EML και MSG files into a single portable storage (PST) file that can be immediately used by Microsoft Outlook. The new version features a number of serious improvements aimed at making the program considerably faster and compatible with the most recent versions of Outlook.

Outlook 64-Bit Edition Support

Οδηγός εισαγωγής του Outlook is now supplied with two executable files, 32- and 64-bit. Both versions are installed by default and users are free to choose the version they want to start. The 64-bit version is intended for Outlook 2010 64-bit Edition and will not work with other editions. This improvement gives a solid performance boost to all users of the 64-bit edition of Outlook thanks to much faster execution of 64-bit code.

Support for Unicode and UTF-8 Encodings

The email processing engine of the program was completely rewritten and improved, which made conversion several times faster. Οδηγός εισαγωγής του Outlook now supports special characters in file names, which was a common problem among users migrating from Mac OS to Windows. Finally, full support of Unicode and UTF-8 in file names and message bodies helps avoid situations with indecipherable and unreadable messages appearing in destination PST files.

Multilanguage User Interface

The interface of the program also underwent changes. The options page has become a separate step of the wizard and users cannot miss it during the import process. The program now supports language packs that can be easily connected to the program. The list of currently available languages includes English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish,Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Danish and Japanese. Potential contributors of localized files in other languages are very welcome and will get a free personal license as a sign of gratitude once their translation is validated and approved. Detailed instructions on translating the program’s language file will be provided upon request.

“Outlook Import Wizard has become a lot better,” confirms Atie Uhan, Senior Product Manager at OutlookImport.Com. “We completely replaced the email processing engine and its current version is several times faster than its predecessor. If you are converting 50 messages, relative speed may not be the most important thing, but if you are looking at several computers with a dozen thousand messages with attachments on each of them, any speed increase will be highly appreciated and will save you a good deal of time. We also made a few encoding-related tweaks and added multi-language support to the program. I hope our current and future users will like the result of our work.”

Οδηγός εισαγωγής του Outlook offers an excellent combination of speed, ease of use and an affordable price. The program is capable of quickly converting large arrays of EML and MSG email files to the Outlook PST format preserving the folder structure and making sure all the texts remain readable.

Pricing and Availability

Outlook Import Wizard can be purchased for as low as $24.95 (individual 1-year license), while an unlimited individual license will cost just $59.95. Enterprise licenses start from $45.95 and site licenses allowing the use of the software by up to 100 employees in a single building or location can be purchased for $495.95. Two- and three-year options are also available for individual and business licenses. Detailed information about Outlook Import Wizard, an online help section, frequently asked questions, case studies and a free downloadable trial version of the program are available at OutlookImport.Com.

The software can be purchased through Plimus, PayPro Global and FastSpring, official resellers of OutlookImport.Com products. These platforms support nearly all existing payment methods, including major credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Amex and Discover.

About OutlookImport.Com

OutlookImport.Com was founded by a group of professional software engineers and now offers a broad range of development services and products. Employing several certified professionals with years of experience in the software development industry, the company is committed to creating user-friendly, reliable and highly-focused software tools that efficiently solve users’ problems within a minimal time frame. The lead developer of the company, Atie Uhan, currently holds a position of a Senior Software Engineer in a major software company and is a recognized expert in the area of software compatibility and data conversion. He has contributed to the creation of multiple import, export and data exchange solutions for a number of popular applications. He is also the author of many articles published at OutlookImport.Com.

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Company website:

P.S.: Today we found the stolen key code published to Internet. It is the old version of Outlook Import Wizard analog called EML to PST Converter. Pirate distributive file name: published by thief whos email is: . Please be informed that stolen software in the pirate package includes Trojans. Unfortunately such search phrases as: EML to PST Converter Serial, EML to PST Converter keygen, EML to PST Converter free, are very popular in accordance with the search engines reports.

Outlook Recovery, Import, Export and Conversion

January 4th, 2011

Laying A Bet On Golf: Live Golf Scores And Golf Handicap

December 13th, 2010

Gambling on golf is a million dollar industry. A lot of people similar to the fickleness of the game, the charm of the competitors, and the various ways that they can construct a bet on the game. The laid back and relaxed spirit of golf in between intense moments of exhilaration and suspense has completed the game one of the most accepted games to bet on

in web based sports gambling sites. Thousands of people all over the realm make bets on these websites and watch golf gambling closely hoping that their bets are winners. Golf bets is pretty basic. The three most basic ways to bet on golf is by having a bet on how the player finishes in the competition according to their scores. A gambler can bet on the player to win first place, bet on the player to place on the top three, or bet that a battler will finish ahead of another player. Probability are set by the bookies and runners of a gambling pool according to how the bet is completed.

If you are having a bet on a participant in order to win results to top odds and higher prize money principally if the player is not Tiger Woods, then you might want to wage on a person to lay results to lower odds. But on a head to head matchup, nobody cares who finishes first, second or third. All they mind about is if the individual they place a bet on finishes ahead of the guy he was matched up with. Another accepted golf betting sport is by doing a player matchup or head to head matchup that incorporates a golf handicap. A handicap is a way for two players of unlike skill levels to have a fair bout. This is a special class of bet and basically pits a great player against the second best in a tournament.

The handicap in this case can be set by the bookie or the challenging bettor. The winner in this game is determined once the concluding results of the tournament are posted and the scores of the matched up players are tallied against each other with the ordinary player’s scores subjected to a handicap. If the better player wins even with the ordinary player’s handicap, the enhanced player wins. Then again, if the score of the ordinary player joint with the handicap fallout to a unbeatable score of that of the better player’s, the average battler wins the matchup. This handicapped matchup is an out of the ordinary bet and is usually made between two people exclusively. Having a bet on winning players like Tiger Woods to win a tournament is not really profitable as he will usually get low money line odds. Bookies know there’s a massive change that Tiger will win and a bet on him is not in truth a big risk. This is the rationale behind his low likelihood on betting pools. In golf bets, it’s commonly the qualified unknowns that are bet on. Any person on the first 10 are bet to place, and the majority bets are completed on a matchup basis or head to head style for further pleasure.

Η μαγεία του WordPress

December 9th, 2010

One of the premier web hosting sites is WordPress. WordPress is a company that is dedicated to helping their customers set up professional websites quickly and easily. There are numerous advantages to using WordPress as your web hosting platform. It offers a huge variety of template design options that enable a layperson to construct a professional website in just a few hours. Another benefit is that WordPress is search engine optimized, which means that your website will be prominently displayed in the search engine results. Additionally, WordPress allows you to quickly update your visitors through an RSS feed option.

Since WordPress is relatively easy to use and is very popular, there are thousands of plug-ins that allow you to customize your website design. WordPress is truly magical in allowing people who don’t know programming to design a great website. For example, if there is a specific function that you want your website to carry out, you can download the appropriate plug-in and activate it on your website by going to your WordPress account administration tab. With so many options available to WordPress users, the ability to creatively design a unique website is unparalleled.

For the best web hosting, WordPress is the gold standard. Because of the SEO that is already incorporated into the WordPress platform, the customer’s search engine ranking will be higher than it would be with many other website hosting sites. In order to keep your search engine results at a high ranking level, it is important to frequently update your website with original content. Additionally, when you post a sale or special event on your website, it will be found by the search engines more rapidly and your ranking will increase, so that you are closer to the top of the search engine results. This in turn will generate more traffic to your site and broaden your prospective customer base.

Another great aspect of WordPress is that it has a built-in RSS feed. An RSS feed is an efficient way for your visitors to be regularly updated about your activities. When new content has been added to your site or you have posted a new blog entry, the visitors who subscribe to your RSS feed are immediately notified via e-mail by WordPress. This function will save you a lot of time because the program does the work of updating your visitors for you.

Among the numerous web hosting sites, there are many advantages to using WordPress to design and host your website. The program is very user-friendly and quite customizable to fit your market niche. In addition, WordPress is already search engine optimized, so you will benefit from being highly-ranked in the search engine results. If you want to take a look at some websites that are designed with WordPress, here are a few excellent examples: The Department of Environmental Science at the University of Virginia, Ford Motor Company and Outreach Magazine.

If you are engaged in an online marketing campaign, consider utilizing the magic of WordPress. The platform will enable you to construct a great website with ease. With a professional website that you can update easily, you will be able to stay ahead of the competition and increase your market share

This post is contributed by Kirsten Ramsburg, a senior writer for a web hosting reviews company.