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Do You Use JavaScript?

June 3rd, 2011

It’s crazy how many people these days have either their own website or blog and it blows my mind. Web design has been a hobby of mine for the last couple years, and I love that there are so many people now days that I can have discussions with about publishing. Even though most discussions gravitate towards talking about how to increase website traffic and how to increase website ranking, I like to bring up the topic of user interactivity. After all, having quality content only gets you so far with influencing visitors to stay. One of the ways that I include some interactivity on my sites is by implementing a little JavaScript.

JavaScript is a scripting programming language most commonly used to add interactive features and webpages. Simply, JavaScript allows you to manipulate what you put into your web page. Just imagine a web page that only uses HTML. It would just look like a plain written document. You wouldn’t even be able to go to the next page. But if you use JavaScript on your web page, you would be able to alter any of the objects on your site in any way that you would like.

So, what else do you gain from using JavaScript in HTML code? JavaScript would improve the site’s visual displays and effects. Some of the effects may include:

1. User’s time on page

2. Popups and tooltips

3. Collapsing text

4. Page timeout

5. Color changes and fades

6. Fontsizing and fades

7. Ultimate fader

8. Embedded audio

9. Print page/element

10. Scrolling banners

11. Flying text

12. News scroller

13. Automated popups

14. Image transitions

15. Toggle buttons

16. Drop Down Menu Bars

17. Slideshows

Of course, these are just some simple examples of what can be achieved using JavaScript, but the language’s limits are really based upon the designer’s willingness and capability of scripting. In my opinion, it’s well worth the time it takes to learn and implement JavaScript into your websites because if you are creative about using it, visitors may be influenced in exploring your site for a while. JavaScript not only has access to HTML objects, it also gives access to browser and platform-specific objects like browser plug-ins. JavaScript also grants client-side user form validation. If JavaScript is available, an initial validation of the website’s client can be done to check for simple errors such as missing information or non-numeric characters mistakenly typed in a non-numeric field. This Produces faster feedback than having to wait for a response from the server.

Overall, JavaScript is a powerful scripting language that’s capable of a lot. I highly recommend considering learning and implementing a little JavaScript to help your site stand out from others. JavaScript may be exactly what you’ve been searching for as you work to get your site listed on google page one!

Java Training On The IPhone

December 3rd, 2010

The handset has a built in accelerometer that can change display according to the phone’s movement. It also has a large memory space that can store a good number of files. Being a 3G phone, it gives lightning fast access to the net, and you can watch videos even if you are attending a call. To learn the java training. The biggest advantage of using an iPhone is that it supports 3rd party software which makes it possible to download iPhone web applications from the netvia a java programming. There are a number of such applications and you can browse them easily.

Alice is an innovative programming environment that makes it easy to create animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a sharing a video on the web. Alice uses 3D graphics and a drag-and-drop interface to make the learning experience fun and engaging. Designed to be a student’s first exposure to object-oriented programming, it is a fun and easy way to begin learning the Java programming language. The Alice teaching tool was created by Carnegie Mellon University and is available for free at!

With the help of customized applications for iPhone, you can give a personal touch to your handset. From marketing your products to promoting your profession, these applications can be used for any purpose. They can be easily integrated with the in built features of the phone. Today, there are a large number of companies providing customized applications at an affordable cost for all versions of the iPhone. The handset can truly satisfy the needs of all kind of users.

The launch of the iPhone by Apple was a significant moment in the mobile industry. There is no doubt that this gadget is meant for today’s generation. From java embedded games to maps of around hundred countries, the device comes loaded with a lot of utilities centering themselves around iPhone programming. The quality of sound is matched to that of an iPod with high tech sound effects. It can function as a camera phone, a media player and an internet client. Its 3.5 inch multi touch display screen works as a virtual keypad and helps you control everything with the use of just your fingers.

Since the iPhone hit the market, companies developing applications for the phone are on a rise. You can find many of them if you search the web
. Most software firms are also outsourcing their development work to off shore destinations like India. The utilization of local manpower can drastically cut down the cost of production. You can trust a firm for iPhone applications development (Java training) in India to provide you with quality work at the most affordable rates.

Sometime ago, I used to belong to the category of folks who believed that mobile phones were just used for the purpose of making and receiving calls, little did I know that I could easily download so many applications. So many mobile phone users spend a lot online in acquiring these mobile phone applications (java training) but, mobile punster ringtones (USA) has just broken the deadlock.

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