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谷歌 Android 采集中长大

August 22nd, 2011

One of Wall Street’s most consistent tendencies through the years has been for companies that have reached a certain size to buy other companies in an attempt to goose their growth. The old saying goes that when you can’t get better, you get bigger. It makes sense. Rapidly-growing companies can book impressive year-over-year numbers while they are still small, but it becomes increasingly difficult to post double-digit gains in sales and earnings once you’ve become a billion-dollar enterprise. Looking outside your own business to major competitors (i.e. buying growth through increased market share) or to companies that are related but tangential to one’s own (i.e. buying vendors, partners, customers, etc.) are the two most common ways in which this is done.

然而, history tells us that such steps are fraught with peril. Major acquisitions by mega-cap option bit stocks are usually overpriced and rarely go well for the acquiring company. Companies that have become very large have entrenched systems, personnel and mentalities that can be extremely difficult to modify, and it is common to see the merged entity rapidly lose highly experienced managers a year or two after the deal. There are numerous examples of this, but we’ll cite AOL’s merger with Time and Alcatel’s merger with Lucent as a two very good ones.

Google’s $12.5 billion decision to acquire Motorola’s mobility division, with which it works very closely on the Android mobile-phone operating system, is very telling in this regard. Having grown by leaps and bounds over the past five years primarily through search and advertising, Google’s management is under severe pressure to keep the elliottwave music playing. Frankly, the deal has one of the hallmarks of a potential disasterGoogle is paying a massive, 63%, premium to gain control over Motorola’s jewel in the crown, even though the deal is the result of an exclusive process in which Google was the only buyer.

而且, the deal puts Google squarely into a low-margin, high volume business that effectively puts it into competition with the 38+ other handset makers using Android, which is considered by many to be the best mobile OS. It has quietly amassed a dominant 43% of the mobile phone market, ahead of both Nokia and Apple, but it is generally considered poor form to directly compete with your customers. No amount of reassurance that Android licensing will still be managed by aseparatedivision is going to placate rival firms who now see Google as a direct competitor.

Google has defended the acquisition in general and the price in particular by citing Motorola’s deep patent portfolio. There is some credibility to the claim, since owning the patents will provide a degree of legal protection from infringement lawsuits (as well as the legal standing to go after others), and there sure to be more than a few gee-whiz things in there that can be significantly monetized.

But the bottom line is that Google has grown up. It’s not the disruptive game-changing firm of 2005, but rather a very large, mature business with tons of cash that is buying innovation (this will be its 102nd acquisition). Steps like the Motorola acquisition and its recently launched Google+ social networking application suggest a me-too type of strategy, not the sort of thing that spawns sector-killer things like YouTube and Adsense.

事实上, Google now reminds us very much of Microsoft a few years ago. With lots of cash flow being generated from stable but slow-growing products like MS Office, Microsoft was long criticized for not acquiring growth through mergers, so it went out and snagged Skype in May in an ill-advised, non-core and overpriced acquisition that we feel will ultimately be seen as a major mistake.

Interestingly, Microsoft was quickly seen on Wall Street as a benefactor of the Google-Motorola deal. Not only does the acquisition instantly place other mobile OS makers, like Nokia and Research in Motion, on the block, but it may benefit the mobile Windows OS if, as mentioned, current Android partners defect. All told, Google’s move may look good on paper, but experience tells us that hindsight might deliver a different opinion.


June 30th, 2011

Evaluation of staff members effectivity will be a complicated chore for a lot of administrators. Really, it is not hassle-free to figure out if or not the actual member of staff is actually doing the job fine and assess

measure HR efficiency. This is why make use of of performance review programs is critical for just about all providers which must optimise performance. BSC is amongst favored efficiency evaluation tools which is actually liked by managers in several industrial sectors. The primary principle behind BSC system is usage of HR measures which happen to be consistently examined. 此外, Balanced Scorecard system examines strategic goals realization. that is how well the organization is doing when it comes to applying roadmap. Oftentimes, it really is too late to reply to changes in the actual market place as well as outside troubles. The main benefit of BSC is the possibility to bring in alterations to strategy and Performance indicators. BSC is famous simply because of the following aspects:

Balanced Scorecard had been the first functionality assessment instrument which employed non-financial Performance indicators. It is presumed that money Performance indicators happen to be the most significant. In truth, financial KPIs can show past overall performance of the corporation. Even so, the action plan means anticipates. Obviously, it really is not possible to foresee just about all complications and also adjustments to the market place. On top of that the corporation may be prepared for potential problems. BSC system does not solve firm difficulties (many managers consider that Balanced Scorecard could be a magic program). BSC is a good program when used properly. You will find many typical mistakes that you need to steer clear of whenever putting into action BSC system.

Obviously, every last company needs Balanced Scorecard program to efficiently put into practice this program. The Most Beneficial technique to assess the software system is always to ask for a trial. Almost all reliable companies provide zero cost test variations for their own shoppers. You will never know precisely what you can purchase. For this reason it truly is better to look at the program before acquiring it. Look into its features and interface. The actual application might be uncomplicated, particularly if perhaps it’s going to be used by a number of staff members or the total unit. Cost contrasting is important given that it is possible to decide on the suitable solution. And so, make a price comparison from diverse providers. Understand that a few providers offer price reductions for buyers which order many products and solutions. Aside from, at times overpriced software program is supplied for lower rates.

Also, obtaining of program is definitely inadequate in order to realize success. Balanced Scorecard system calls for a respectable group of Measures. Even the best Balanced Scorecard software system will probably be worthless if insufficient range of KPIs was picked. 因此, try to find Measures units on the internet. You will discover providers that promote Performance indicators packages and zero cost internet sites. 然而, be mindful whenever assessing Performance indicators in your corporation. BSC likes individual approach. to have the confindence to sufficiently evaluate Hr performance seek for more information on Balanced Scorecard in HR. Achievement in the firm is dependent upon the quality level at which workers are performing. Receive the best computer software as well as library of KPIs.

How To Start A Website Part 1

June 29th, 2011

Your boss sucks your job is boring and on top of all that your pay checks are small. Sound like you? Well today we are going to talk about getting into the website business from home and hopefully replacing your full time job and becoming a full time entrepreneur. First off I’ll tell you this it isn’t going to be quick but it will work if you stay with it.

一步 1
Don’t quit your day job! Yes I said that this will hopefully replace your full time job, but you don’t know if, 1 it will work or 2 if you’ll like it. This needs to start off as a part time thing. You will need a steady income to put a small bit of money into this. You are starting a business not getting handed cookies on a silver platter!

一步 2
Find out what you want to write about. This can be very easy or extremely hard depending on who you are. While brainstorming write down these questions and answer them in a notebook or word pad for further reference.

Questions to ask yourself
-What interests do you have?
-What is your job and do you have enough knowledge to provide people with answers on that topic
-Do you like this subject enough to write about it every day
-Is there enough content to write about the subject for a long time entrepreneur
一步 3
Find the Keywords that will make you money. This part is icredibly important. This will make or break your new website. Look at it like this the internet has been around for about 20 岁月 & everybody is trying to claim their territory so if you want to make it in this business you need to find the right niche. Now there are a lot of free tools out there to help you do this. For example, google’s keyword tool will roughly, its not very accurate, show you the competition and the global and local monthly searches. Now if you want to hurry up this process and leave the research to the machines there is a great program called Niche finder.

一步 4
Find the perfect domain name. Now there are many websites out there that sell unused domains like Network Solutions and Register, but the website that I think is the easiest to use is GoDaddy. The main thing when choosing the right domain name is keep it short, keep it sweet, and keep it relevant. If you remember those three things you will have a good domain name.

一步 5
Last for this part is purchasing the hosting for your website I recommend HostGator. They have awesome customer service and an easy to use website. I would recommend the Hatchling which only allows one website then upgrading to baby or business later if you want to add more websites.
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Great Website Design Elements

April 5th, 2011

There are many components that go into making up good website design. Having said that, there are four major design principles that have the greatest impact on the overall design of the site. These four design components are as follows: emphasis, balance, unity and rhythm. To build a website that has pleasing design features and is highly effective in getting its message across, each of these four components has an important role to play.

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The first principle we’re going to look at is ‘balance’, which is to do with how the difference shapes, sizes and color elements are harmonized. Good website design needs to incorporate a high level of visual stimulation, yet at the same time, should not distract the visitor with too many inconsistent or conflicting components. Each part of the page has its own visual emphasis that is dependent on the color, shape or size of the images or the text blocks. Good balance on a web page does not mean simply having design components placed in an exact symmetrical manner on the page. For example, you might create good balance by having an image on the right hand side of the page with a strong block of text on the left hand side. An even more challenging design principle is achieved with asymmetrical balance. This is done by combining different objects on each side of the page with each of these elements having a different visual weight color, size or shape. An example of asymmetrical balance might be if you had a strong element in the center of the page, the balance may be achieved by having a lighter design component further out toward the edge of the page.


The next style component we are going to consider is ’emphasis’, this relates on how you encourage your website visitor toward the focal point of the web page. In other words you want the most important design elements to really stand out on the page. Typically the focal point is a component that is very different from the other design elements on the page. Naturally there very different ways that you can achieve this emphasis, you might decide to use highly contrasting image colors, you may go for a bold font or you may just use a larger font. Whichever way you decide to highlight a component on your web page, the final result should be that your visitors attention is focused on the area that you want to emphasize.


The third component were going to look at is ‘unity’. This can be defined as how all the different components on the page appear to be very coherent and that the page has a unified structure. In other words all the components: the text, headlines, images, graphic elements, photographs and sub-headers all look like they belong with each other. Unity can be accomplished on the page by using the same font, colors that match or by using similar design elements throughout the page.


The final element were going to look at is called ‘rhythm’. Rhythm can be defined as how the various visual components can be seen by your visitors as having a unified pattern. The idea here is to attempt to generate a consistent pattern or structure to the design of the page. Repeating the same elements in a consistent way at regular intervals creates a smooth, even rhythm whereas dramatic changes in the spacing or the size of visual elements creates a much more lively, dynamic mood to the web page. Ultimately the viewer should perceive a holistic style from the website despite the fact there may be differing visual components that make up the overall design.

The reality is that people visiting your website for the first time will gain an immediate impression of the design priciples. They subconsciously rely on visual cues to assess the overall balance and harmony of the web page. This can be a major factor in their decision to continue to explore the rest of the site or to search for a better alternative. If the website is coherent and visually appealing and appears to have intuitive navigation, they are much more likely to explore the site further, buy your product or service or sign up for your newsletter. Another clear benefit is that they are far more likely to return to your site through having bookmarked it, or even signed up for your email list.

会计师直接- 保证贵公司发展缓慢的财务稳定

3月11日, 2011

给很多人, 面对你的税收的概念是相当的等于一个充满债务的生活 (注意, 这个词听起来像 "死亡"). 但, 有些人花时间做这个, 带着极度的喜悦. 他们感到满意的是, 试图计算出工资表和数字, 并提出了一些税务决定, 可能有助于使个人的回报最多. 当你在经营一个企业, 这是非常重要的, 寻找一个会计谁可以照顾你的财务和完美的会计师来了几件事情来考虑.

每个企业所有者, 或日常的公民为此事, 应确保他们得到最好的服务可能从他们的 会计, 只是这样就没有了沟通的高墙, 有效率和快速的回拨电话, 以及使自己可以为他们的客户. 答案是肯定的, 如果你碰巧知道一些人在同一行的业务, 你是负责, 然后你可以总是问一些建议. 你的同胞企业拥有相同的财务需求, 你, 他们可以很容易地为您提供一些值得信赖的专家的建议, 他们可以为您提供特殊的长期服务.

答案是肯定的, 当你遇到你的会计, 不管他是否属于一组 悉尼会计师 或澳大利亚的任何地区, 你应该经常询问他们提供的服务. 如果他们集中在一般会计和提供协助您的簿记需要, 从不犹豫, 询问. 这是唯一重要的, 你看到它, 他们可以满足您的工资需求. 答案是肯定的, 在你自己的银行账户里有很多的钱要考虑, 以确保你的税款得到解决。, 他们能为他们工作多少. 有一定要在税法上的一些调整, 每一个现在, 所以总是要看到它, 你发现你的会计是多么灵活, 以保持与时俱进.

让自己参与未来的计划是非常必要的, 能够知道你有多少储蓄在准备最终使用. 然而, 有一个真正可靠的会计师谁的技术天才和高信誉总能提供您的投资回报估计, 业务计划, 退休帐户和保险. 他们为你准备的预算是均匀分布的, 这样一切都能发挥你的优势. 你可以找一个 会计师悉尼 和租用他们的服务, 特别是与会计师事务所, 如会计指导处理一切为您. 他们的冗长的会计师名单提供可信, 特殊和常数的服务, 可以满足您的每一个财务需要.

Computer Recycling The Safe Way

February 24th, 2011

Reusing products and its materials is known as recycling. There are different kinds of recycling processes which you will come across and one of them includes computer recycling. Recycling can be done either by making use of its material or from the extraction of its components. Such materials can be used in computers as well as other electronic devices. There can be different reasons for why a computer needs to be recycled. Technology has changed with such a rapid rate, that recycled products can be put towards extensive use if utilized properly, otherwise it can prove very harmful. Computer systems are made of materials like led and copper which can be used to build other products.

Even its parts are exported to other countries at cheap prices and without tax. Recycling will help companies to earn money by dismantling systems or computers. The screen of your system is made of 6% led which can be used to make screen and monitors for other computers. computer recycling can help you to reduce the cost and it will be good as you can get devices and products at cheaper prices. If you don’t want to recycle your computer then you can sell them at cheaper rates. It is very beneficial to recycle your products because after sometime it is of no use and keeping it will just occupy space. Repairing it is not worth the effort as it will consume both time and money so the best option is recycling.

Most of the manufacturers who design computers even ask their customers to sell their old systems. There are unique programs where you can replace your old systems with newer systems at a cheaper cost, as manufacturers can utilize your old system and make new systems at a cheaper cost. This is an advantage to them, so you can contact any company like HP or APPLE which provide such good options to you. With computer recycling there is no harm to the nature and environment as it is done safely by making use of other technological equipment. Many countries which require used products buy the recycled items and in this way the country is able to earn lots of profit for themselves. It enhances exports and creates a standard too.

Due to the increased recycling process, countries have opened new recycling centers which offer computer recycling to more people. You can collect every kind of information that you want to and give your unused computers to these centers for recycling. This is not only easy but at the same time you don’t have to worry about your computer clogging up space in your home and computer security. Through the internet you can find innumerable sources which can help you to get complete information about recycling and how you can contribute towards environment. Hope you are able to find a solution and get your computers recycled to get them out of your way and provide a safer option to the environment.

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