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What Is The Credit History?

January 14th, 2011

So let us find out in this article what is the credit history, what information it holds and can it be useful for us or not? All these and much more you can find right in this article.

Credit history: compromising materials or indisputable confirmation of credit status? So what is this?

信用记录是没什么作为必要的银行confuting信息的列表或潜在的借款人的资信状况确定… 积极的信用记录有时成为基本参数之一,在优势试图获得银行按揭贷款, 我认为,我们每个人都面临着这样的术语, 作为“信用记录”.

其实任何现有的金融结构将不会对潜在的借款人给出的信用, 而不必与个人信用记录以前熟悉 (CH). 很多人, 或者, 认为信用记录是闲来无事的影响证据的金融机构工作人员认真收集, 对银行贷款的求职者组织. It is time to discredit all myths and guesses about it and in detail to explain to all interested persons what the credit history is?

The credit history consists of three parts: title, the basic and additional parts. All parts of the document are equally important and bear everyone the functional loading.

所以, the title part includes all identification data of the client ever using crediting. Under these requisites search of personal credit history in a database of the Catalogue of Credit Histories also is performed.

The basic part of credit history includes complete “data” about the sums of crediting of the client, about those terms which have been established by bank on repayment of credits, and about actual execution of repayment of credits by the client. 还指定还款信用的客户端在规定的费用的事实. 在熟悉与借款人的信用历史的基础部分, 信用记录的目录的用户应与借款人的同意,获得. 和直接 “英雄的庆祝活动”, 即主体信用记录, 有一个正当的理由来研究自己的信用记录的一部分基本.

信用记录的附加部件, 有效, 该文件的封​​闭部件,并包含在该组织构成的信用历史数据, 关于谁曾访问给定文件的用户, 所有日期对应的查询时,, 等. 随着这部分信用记录的借款人也有熟悉的权利.

在规定的信用记录的争结束上述的所有数据的光没有别的作为必要信息的银行confuting或确认的潜在借款人的信用状况列表. 积极的信用记录,有时可以成为基本参数之一给予长期按揭贷款的客户受益.

你还记得那些美好的时候,任何人都几乎可以采取信用,如果一个必需的资金? 而试想那些谁必须携带的负担时下的情况,当世界经济面临困难的时候. 而对于那些具有人的信用事项 信用监督 是因为现在的关键前所未有. 它不仅是贷款控制, 这也让省钱, 时间, and nerves and be quick in solving loan related problems. Those who are searching for a spot where to find out about 信用报告, are welcomed to visit this credit report monitoring sitethere is much information about loan monitoring and how to order the service.

In addition we shouldn’t forget about possibilities given to us by digital technologies. The Web network gives a really unique opportunity to discover what we want or to obtain anything on the best terms which are available on the market.

Crediting Tips

January 14th, 2011

Crediting tips

About existence of credit histories something was heard, perhaps, by everyone who had to take the credit, irrespective of the sum and those who used the legitimate right to see the history and check it up. Suchreinsurance”, as it appears, is reasonable at dialogue with banks which suddenlyall of a suddenrefuse credit reception. The annoying error or discrepancy which has crept in your credit history … can become the reason of sudden and inexplicable boycott.

Gradually in our bank system the practice when availability of positive credit history determines possibility of reception of a bank loan is implemented. The database of Inter-regional bureau of credit histories contains today more than 2 million records. It cooperates with all regional banks which daily arrange and send new creditaffairs”.

弃渣史可支付信用证项下的单日延迟. 和更多 “恶毒” 非纳税人一般很长一段时间可以忘记的信贷资源,银行可以查询借款人的任何历史,如果可用, 不仅在地方信贷局, 而且在中央目录,所有的历史的标题部分存储.


除了, 银行贷款球迷不建议经常更换住所和工作. 所以, 任何地区性银行不会给出来的信用,如果去年发生的潜在借款人的工龄不到半年.

在信用记录制度的发展过程中会出现累积不同来源的信息越来越多. 这意味着,将成为不仅与银行的相互关系, 又比如 “请讲” 事实, 作为支付水电费, 移动和固定电信, 处罚, 侵犯塑料卡.

在一个字, 破坏信用记录是一个简单的业务. 这将是更加难以恢复信任. 毕竟根据法律规定, 法律和肉体的借款人历史的保存 15 岁月.

尽管事实根据法律信用的每个所有者 “业务” 有一年一次免费的右侧看到的历史, 少数人只用这个吧. 和徒劳的.

即使是可敬的借款人可以突然出现 “无形之中” for banks which without assigning any reasons — banks have on this right — will refuse credit granting. The trivial error can become the inattention reason.

To settle a question it is possible, directly having addressed in bank which possessesauthorshipof an error, or through the court. 顺便一提, from a credit history it is possible to learn even a name of the person who have brought each record, and time for this.

Can you remember those good times when anybody could take a credit if one needed funds? And just imagine the state of those who have to bear that burden nowadays when the world economy is facing hard times. And for those people having loans the issue of 信用监督 is as urgent now as never before. 它不仅是贷款控制, this also helps save money, 时间, 和神经,并快速解决贷款相关的问题. 那些谁正在寻找一个地方,了解 信用监督, 欢迎进入本 credit report monitoring site – 有大量的信息关于贷款监控以及如何订购该服务.

此外,我们还没有忘记数字技术给我们的可能性. 在Web网络给出了一个学习什么,我们需要或获得的最佳条件这是目前市场上任何真正独特的机会.