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The Magic of WordPress

December 9th, 2010

One of the premier web hosting sites is WordPress. WordPress is a company that is dedicated to helping their customers set up professional websites quickly and easily. There are numerous advantages to using WordPress as your web hosting platform. It offers a huge variety of template design options that enable a layperson to construct a professional website in just a few hours. Another benefit is that WordPress is search engine optimized, which means that your website will be prominently displayed in the search engine results. Additionally, WordPress allows you to quickly update your visitors through an RSS feed option.

Since WordPress is relatively easy to use and is very popular, there are thousands of plug-ins that allow you to customize your website design. WordPress is truly magical in allowing people who don’t know programming to design a great website. For example, if there is a specific function that you want your website to carry out, you can download the appropriate plug-in and activate it on your website by going to your WordPress account administration tab. With so many options available to WordPress users, the ability to creatively design a unique website is unparalleled.

For the best web hosting, WordPress is the gold standard. Because of the SEO that is already incorporated into the WordPress platform, the customer’s search engine ranking will be higher than it would be with many other website hosting sites. In order to keep your search engine results at a high ranking level, it is important to frequently update your website with original content. Additionally, when you post a sale or special event on your website, it will be found by the search engines more rapidly and your ranking will increase, so that you are closer to the top of the search engine results. This in turn will generate more traffic to your site and broaden your prospective customer base.

Another great aspect of WordPress is that it has a built-in RSS feed. An RSS feed is an efficient way for your visitors to be regularly updated about your activities. When new content has been added to your site or you have posted a new blog entry, the visitors who subscribe to your RSS feed are immediately notified via e-mail by WordPress. This function will save you a lot of time because the program does the work of updating your visitors for you.

Among the numerous web hosting sites, there are many advantages to using WordPress to design and host your website. The program is very user-friendly and quite customizable to fit your market niche. In addition, WordPress is already search engine optimized, so you will benefit from being highly-ranked in the search engine results. If you want to take a look at some websites that are designed with WordPress, here are a few excellent examples: The Department of Environmental Science at the University of Virginia, Ford Motor Company and Outreach Magazine.

If you are engaged in an online marketing campaign, consider utilizing the magic of WordPress. The platform will enable you to construct a great website with ease. With a professional website that you can update easily, you will be able to stay ahead of the competition and increase your market share

This post is contributed by Kirsten Ramsburg, a senior writer for a web hosting reviews company.

Become an Author

January 19th, 2010

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Import EML and MSG files to Outlook

January 2nd, 2010

Today I faced with the problem. I tried to move my Windows Vista Mail .eml files to Windows 7 with MS Outlook. Vista Mail has been removed and all I have was the set of .eml files saved from Win Mail application. This was the huge message archive accumulated over several years. Thousands of emails. So it was important to me to save them and move into the new system, where I already installed the Microsoft Outlook.

I was surprised to know that Microsoft Outlook don’t want to import .eml files of Vista Mail directly. I tried to find the solution over the Internet and discovered that I was not the only one who faced with such problem.

I tried several software and chose the Outlook Import Wizard [ by ] – utility, which not only import EML, MSG files to Microsoft Outlook but also transfers a directory structure from the hard drive to the Microsoft Outlook.

But Outlook Import Wizard good not only by this, it can convert .eml and .msg files to Microsoft Word .rtf, hypertext .html and other formats, so I can publish the correspondence to the WEB and store emails in an accessible format for viewing and analyzing. And the main thing – is that the price and quality of Outlook Import Wizard surpass all competitors.

What would you choose? To purchase several different tools individually or buy a bundle of  opportunities for the same money.

In addition, I participate in the Christmas sale.

So the Outlook Import Wizard was purchased by me with the great discount for only $ 14.  By the way, the coupon code is: OIW

There is another must-have utility in my collection and it will not stay without the action.