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Acerca de los combatientes de Foo Primera Canción jamás lanzado – Su historia y algunos hechos

August 23rd, 2011

This piece is all about the very first single for release by the Foo Fighters, the grunge/rock band established by Dave Grohl, and a variety of additional connected information and facts linked to it.

Made available in the middle of 1995, less than a year after Dave Grohl first developed the concept of the Foo Fighters subsequent to his, and the previous group’s bass man Krist Novoselic’s necessary split from Nirvana, the first song named ‘This Is A Callwas released.

‘This Is A Callis from the Foo Fighters first eponymous album.

This song is a very big ‘Helloand ‘Thank youby the group’s chief writer and also lead singer, Dave Grohl, to all the people he performed with in various bands as a hired session musician and performer in addition to when he was Nirvana’s drummer.

Oddly, during an age when pretty much every track released by a music group is followed with a music video, ‘This Is A Callwas made available with no endorsed video produced for promoting the single.

The song’s B-side often contained the track ‘Winnebago’, though there was in fact a release called a ‘one-sidedsingle where ‘This Is A Callended up being the solitary song. Another track contained largely in twelve inch records/CDs or audio cassettes was ‘Podunk’, composed by Dave Grohl.

After the track’s release in the United States singles chart ‘This Is A Callbroke into the record charts at position 12 and made its way towards number 2 where it actually peaked. A very good result taking into account Foo Fighters at the time were a new band, though much of the music buying consumers were being made aware of the link to former, widely successful group Nirvana.

Throughout the UK, where alternative rock has almost always had a huge following including the above mentioned Nirvana, the song turned out to be a top 5 song actually peaking at number five. Britain has got a big Foo Fighters audience these days.

The rock group’s first nationwide tv appearance was playing this song live on The Late Show With David Letterman. As a consequence, Foo Fighters have played on The Late Show With David Letterman 10 more occasions through the years since performing ‘This Is A Callbecause David Letterman has become a massive follower.

Together with other well-known rock bands tunes on Rock Band, the computer/video/console game, it provides ‘This Is A Callas a download song that initially was obtainable in 2008.

The track additionally performed highly throughout Canada, getting to position number 1 within that country’s alternative charts. And charted as a hit single within different European countries including the Netherlands as well as Eire and Antipodean countries like Australia and New Zealand.

Foo Fighters first ever single release, ‘This Is A Call’, started the process and also put down the foundation to get future musical success throughout the world that is currently being experienced by the band all of these years down the line and if perhaps you can acquire Foo Fighters tickets 2011 for their live shows you’ll probably be able to experience the record live.

Música Portátil Producción Comentario

August 19th, 2011

I have had the opportunity of using music production laptops pretty mush most brand of laptop out there this year given what I do. I have loaded FL Studio and M-Audio controllers on every one of the laptops below. In case anyone is considering purchasing a laptop, you may be able to use this information before you buy:

Lenovo T61:
My recommendation for music production:
Incredible machine. Fast and runs the drivers for the m-audio well. The boot is a little slow due to the Lenovo management software. The biggest advantage of the Lenovo’s is they ground their boards out like Apple does so you don’t get thepower buzzout of it when its on AC power.

HP NW8xxx series, NC6000:
Do NOT buy HP anything if you are going to produce. HP DOES NOT ground their boards properly and you get a terrible AC Buzz through your USB or Firewire interfaces. Laptops have great performance, however, the buzz is unbearable. I had to run this one on battery all the time when recording vocals. Stay away from Compaq/HP for music production.

These machines are terribleavoid them. Warranty is terrible and performance is terrible. I had horrible performance and stability with these machines, especially in Ableton.

Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro:
Excellent machines for music production. Downside is these are expensive so if you have the money, go for it. Their warranties and extended are expensive, however, these are the best grounded machines. I got the least amount of buzz out of these from AC. For this reason, they make excellent machines for music production on the MAC or Windows side.

Dell isn’t bad. I tested an XPS laptop. I personally am not a big fan of Dell given their support and construction. They are pieced together from Samsung contracts in Malaysia. I did hear a higher level buzz from the Dell than the Lenovo, but it wasn’t much worse. Performance and stability is good with the Dell.

Over the last year and a half, I have switched laptops for testing for my job and inevitably loaded Ableton and VSTS/drivers for testing the machines for the hell of it for my own knowledge.

Out of them all, I was surprisingly impressed with the Lenovo T61 quality and quietness when running in the studio. I think the Lenovo is the closest to the Apple MacBook in terms of a machine built to do music.

I think you can’t go wrong with either the Lenovo T series (stay away from the Ideapad series) or the Apple Macbook series. Apple was without a doubt the quietest machine in the studio followed by the Lenovo. I would recommend if you are only going to run Windows, go Lenovo. If you want the MAC OS, go Apple Macbook Pro.

By all means, stay away from any HP/Compaq models as they obviously don’t know how to ground their boards and you get ridiculous amounts of noise out of them when on AC power.

I would quite honestly stay away from everything else with the exception of Dell if for some reason you can’t buy an Apple or Lenovo.

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The Story Of The Foo Fighters

May 29th, 2011

Dave Grohl – My Life in the Foo Fighters
I was supposed to just join another band and be a drummer the rest of my life,” Grohl”
I thought that I would rather do what nobody expected me to do. I enjoy writing music and I enjoy trying to sing, and there’s nothing anyone can really do to discourage me.

Dave Grohl joined Nirvana as the group’s drummer in 1990.The breakthrough album for them was, of course, Nevermind. Initially, DGC Records was hoping to sell 250,000 copies of Nevermind, which was the same level they had achieved with Sonic Youth’s Goo. However, the album’s first singleSmells Like Teen Spiritquickly gained momentum, thanks in part to significant airplay of the song’s music video on MTV. As it toured Europe during late 1991, the band found that its shows were dangerously oversold, that television crews were becoming a constant presence onstage, and thatSmells Like Teen Spiritwas almost omnipresent on radio and music television. The month Nevermind reached number one, Billboard proclaimed, “Nirvana is that rare band that has everything: critical acclaim, industry respect, pop radio appeal, and a rock-solid college/alternative base. The album would eventually sell over 8.5 million copies in the United States and over 1/2 million Concert Tickets.

“With Nevermind I thought In Bloom was going to be the ‘smash hitoff the record, or Lithium. I thought Smells Like Teen Spirit was just another album track cut. We recorded it pretty quickly, and I think it was one of producer Butch Vig’s favourites, and it soon became pretty clear that it would be the special song on the record. But of course at that point we didn’t think anything was going to happen with the record. “I thought Teen Spirit might get on MTVs 120 Minutes and allow us to tour with Sonic Youth, but no one thought it was a hit single because [that] was just unimaginable.

However Cobain was found dead in his Seattle home on April 8, 1994, and Nirvana subsequently split. “After Nirvana was over I was getting offers from all these different people to join their band as a drummerTom Petty, Danzigbut I didn’t want to stay behind the drumkit and think about Nirvana for the rest of my life. I thought that this would be some sort of cathartic therapy, to go out and record these songs that I’d written by myself. So I booked six days at Robert Lang studios in Seattle, which to me was an eternityI’d never been in a studio myself for more than six hours. I went in with [producer] Barrett Jones. We got there at nine in the morning and by noon we were ready to go. We wound up recording four songs a day. I was insecure about my voice. You know how people double their vocals to make them stronger? That album the vocals are quadrupled. I didn’t want to be a lead singer, I couldn’t fucking sing.

Grohl hoped to keep his anonymity and release the songs in a limited run under the titleFoo Fighters”, taken from the World War II termfoo fighter”, used to refer to UFO’s . However, the demo tape circulated in the music industry, creating interest among record labels. Grohl formed a band to support the album. Initially, Grohl talked to former Nirvana band mate Krist Novoselic about joining the group, but both decided against it. Having heard about the disbanding of Seattle-based emo band Sunny Day Real Estate, Grohl drafted the group’s bass player, Nate Mendel, and drummer, William Goldsmith. Grohl asked Pat Smear, who served as a touring guitarist for Nirvana after the release of its 1993 album In Utero, to join as the group’s second guitarist.

Foo Fighters made their live debut on March 3, 1995 during a show at The Satyricon in Portland. They followed that with a show at the Velvet Elvis in Seattle on March 4.Foo Fighters undertook their first major tour in the spring of 1995, opening for Mike Watt. The band’s first singleThis Is a Callwas released in June 1995, and its debut album Foo Fighters was released the next month. “I’ll Stick Around”, “For All The Cows” y “Big Mewere released as subsequent singles. The band spent the following months on tour, including their first appearance at the Reading Festival in England in August.
The Foo’s were now beginning to really “cut the mustard” live. A long time ago, somebody tipped Grohl off about the secret of a long life in rock’n’roll: It’s not about how many albums you sell; it’s about how many tickets you sell. Ever since, he’s devoted much of his time to transforming the Foos from a solo studio endeavor into a well-oiled stage machine. “When I joined the band, we sucked live,” Hawkins recalls. “And we’re still not Rush. We’re sloppy, rough around the edges. That’s part of our charm. But we’ve gotten really good, and I think on our best shows , we can take anybody.

After touring through the spring of 1996, Foo Fighters entered a studio in Woodinville, Washington with producer Gil Norton to record its second album. While Grohl once again wrote all the songs, the rest of the band collaborated on the arrangements. With the sessions nearly over , Grohl took the rough mixes with him to Los Angeles, intending to finish up his vocal and guitar parts. While there, Grohl realized that he wasn’t happy with how the mixes were turning out, and the bandbasically re-recorded almost everything”. During the L.A. sessions, Grohl played drums on some of the songs. Goldsmith said Grohl did not tell him that he recorded new drum parts for the record and, feeling betrayed, left the band.

In need of a replacement for Goldsmith, Grohl contacted Alanis Morissette’s touring drummer Taylor Hawkins to see if he could recommend anybody. Grohl was surprised when Hawkins volunteered his own services as drummer. Hawkins made his debut with the group in time for the release of its next album, The Colour and the Shape, in May 1997. The album spawned the singlesMonkey Wrench”, “My Hero”, y “Everlong”.
Pat Smear announced to the rest of the group that he wanted to leave the band to pursue other interests. Four months later in September 1997 at the MTV Video Music Awards, Smear simultaneously publicly announced his departure from the band and introduced his replacement, Grohl’s former Scream bandmate Franz Stahl. Stahl toured with the band for the next few months, and appeared on two tracks that the band recorded for movie soundtracks, a re-recording ofWalking After Youfor The X-Files andA320for Godzilla.

In 1998, Foo Fighters traveled to Grohl’s home state of Virginia to write music for its third album. However, Grohl and Stahl were unable to co-operate as songwriters; Grohl told Kerrang!in 1999, “in those few weeks it just seemed like the three of us were moving in one direction and Franz wasn’t”. Grohl was distraught about the decision to fire Stahl, as the two had been friends since childhood. The remaining trio of Grohl, Mendel, and Hawkins spent the next several months recording the band’s third album, There Is Nothing Left to Lose, in Grohl’s Virginia home studio. The album spawned several singles, includingLearn to Fly”, the band’s first single to reach the US Hot 100.

After recording was completed , the band auditioned a number of potential guitarists, and eventually settled on Chris Shiflett, who performs with Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, and previously performed with California punk band, No Use for a Name. Shiflett initially joined the band as touring guitarist, but achieved full-time status prior to the recording of the group’s fourth album.

Shiflett, 36, is a bantam build and his baby blues lend him a passing resemblance to Roger Daltrey. “Right now we’re in that weird place where we’ve made this new album and we don’t know how to play it yet,” he notes between bites of ham-and-egg sandwich. “I looked at the set list, and I’m like, ‘Whoa. Don’t know how to play that one or that one, y, oh, that one we don’t have down either.

Near the end of 2001, the band reconvened to record their fourth album. After spending four months in a Los Angeles studio completing the album, Grohl spent some time helping Queens of the Stone Age complete their 2002 album Songs for the Deaf. The final album was released in October of 2002 under the title One by One. Singles from the album includedAll My Life”, “Times Like These”, “Low”, y “Have It All”.

The band later expressed displeasure with the album. Grohl told Rolling Stone in 2005, “Four of the songs were good, and the other seven I never played again in my life. We rushed into it, and we rushed out of it.
Having spent a year and a half touring behind One By One, Grohl did not want to rush into recording another Foo Fighters record. Initially Grohl intended to write acoustic material by himself, but eventually the project involved the entire band. To record its fifth album, the band shifted to Los Angeles and built a recording studio, dubbed Studio 606 West. Grohl insisted that the album be divided into two discs–one full of rock songs, the other featuring acoustic tracks. In Your Honor was released in June 2005. The album’s singles includedBest of You”, “DOA”, “Resolve”, “No Way Back/Cold Day in the Sun”, y “Miracle”.

For the follow-up to In Your Honor, the band decided to call in The Colour and the Shape producer Gil Norton. Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace was released on September 25, 2007. The album’s first single, “The Pretender”, was issued to radio in early August. In mid-to-late 2007 “The Pretendertopped Billboards Modern Rock chart for a record 18 weeks; it also gave the band their third consecutive year at the top (a record).

Foo fighters spent the Summer of 2008 on the festival circuit and moved into the big league in the UK.Here he recalls his T in the Park stint.THE KILLERS take the stage. “Man, that band gets the loudest singalongs,” he says. “Our dressing room was right behind the stage last night (at T In The Park) and all you could hear was the crowd singing along to every wordnot just the choruses, they even shout out the verses. I’m glad we don’t have to go on after them. Luckily, we’re on after Keane . Their crowd are a bit more sensible than ours. They all stand towards the back and sway while all the grimy kids who are down the front get twitchy for guitars. That’s when we come on and nail them!”

On 17 September 2008 Dave Grohl announced on The Chris Moyles Show that the band would be taking a long break from music so that they could return with a new sense of purpose, and also informed fans not to expect any new music for a while. “We’ve never really taken a long break, I think it’s time,” Grohl commented. “After doing Wembley, we shouldn’t come back there for 10 years because we’ve played to everybody. We’re over in the UK every year, every summer, so I think it’s time to take a break and come back over when people really miss us.

The band began recording their seventh studio album in July 2010 with producer Butch Vig, who had previously produced the two new tracks for the band’s Greatest Hits album. The album was recorded in Dave Grohl’s garage using only analog equipment. Vig said in an interview with MTV that the album was entirely analog until post-mastering. Pat Smear was present in many photos posted by Grohl on Twitter and a press release in December confirmed Smear played on every track on the record and was considered a core member of the band once again, having initially left as a full time member in 1997 before returning as a touring guitarist in 2006.

With 2011’s line-up of Taylor Hawkins on drums, Nate Mendel on bass, Chris Shiflett and the returning Pat Smear on lead guitar, the Foo Fighters have rarely been so surefooted going into an album launch. It has been a long time since 23 October 94, when the sessions for the self-titled debut were concluded. Grohl protests that he is not one for retrospection, but to coincide with the album’s release he has commissioned a forthcoming Foo Fighters documentary, and it’s put him in a reflective mood.

He explains: “I thought, ‘Now is a good time to make a history-of-the-band documentary because if we wait any longer it’ll just be too long’. There are still people who are shocked to hear that I was the drummer of Nirvana. I just laugh. I assume that people like the Foo Fighters because I was the drummer of Nirvana, and every now and then I’ll meet people who had no idea that I was even in [the band], so maybe it’s time to tell the story. If you think about it, Butch [Vig] and I have this incredible story between the two of us; the first time the two of us got together to work was to make an album 20 years ago and so much has happened to us in that time. ‘Nevermindwas such a huge part of our lives and it changed them forever.

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