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Outlook Recovery, Import, Export and Conversion

Sausio 4-oji, 2011

Import EML and MSG files to Outlook

January 2nd, 2010

Today I faced with the problem. I tried to move my Windows Vista Mail .eml files to Windows 7 with MS Outlook. Vista Mail has been removed and all I have was the set of .eml files saved from Win Mail application. This was the huge message archive accumulated over several years. Thousands of emails. So it was important to me to save them and move into the new system, where I already installed the Microsoft Outlook.

I was surprised to know that Microsoft Outlook don’t want to import .eml files of Vista Mail directly. I tried to find the solution over the Internet and discovered that I was not the only one who faced with such problem.

I tried several software and chose the "Outlook" importavimo vedlys [ by ] – utility, which not only import EML, MSG files to "Microsoft Outlook" but also transfers a directory structure from the hard drive to the Microsoft Outlook.

bet "Outlook" importavimo vedlys good not only by this, it can convert .eml ir .MSG files to Microsoft Word .RTF, hypertext .HTML and other formats, so I can publish the correspondence to the WEB and store emails in an accessible format for viewing and analyzing. And the main thingis that the price and quality of "Outlook" importavimo vedlys surpass all competitors.

What would you choose? To purchase several different tools individually or buy a bundle of opportunities for the same money.

In addition, I participate in the Christmas sale.

So the "Outlook" importavimo vedlys was purchased by me with the great discount for only $ 14. By the way, the coupon code is: OIW

There is another must-have utility in my collection and it will not stay without the action.